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by mystery man

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im sorry.
meant to be played at full volume turn it up to 11


released August 21, 2015

skits cowritten with matt a
thanks to goblin and bastard for the skit ideas and just the skit itself rly lmao



all rights reserved


mystery man Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mystery Man Is Fucking Dead!

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Track Name: i threw ten cents into the wishing well
Yo, fuck Bangkok Blend and fuck driftwood
And any other fuck-neighbor-ass label that can't put an 18 year old neighbor
Making his own fucking songs, covers, videos and all that shit
Fuck you post-TMBI-ass cliche-jerking, LA-slauson singing
Fuck-neighbor-ass Hypebeast neighbors, now back to the album

[Dr. JP]
Well, jordan, hi, I'm Dr. jp and um, I'm guessing
That your father sent you here to talk cause you were misbehaving
Um, it's gonna be three sessions, today, tomorrow, and the next day
So, just tell me something about yourself
Well look, if you don't talk, I mean these sessions are going to go slow so

at the movies you and are sitting together in the dark holding hands
your head's on my shoulder we'll do anything just to feel closer
when you look into my eyes do you see stars or cloudy skies?
and do you think about me when we're not together?
never meant to make you cry
i pay attention all the time
its just your face never really showed what was inside
Track Name: and look where it got me
nobody likes you
you knew that anyway
it must be sooo hard to wake up early every morning
same old stuff different day
youre still stuck in my brain
or maybe im just thinkin this all up
i know its probably stupid
im just thinkin out loud, so
this could probably happen
if i want it
and oh god, i want it
Track Name: nice !
Track Name: ok but why
i swear that i'm not lying when i say that i am trying
progress takes a little while
roll out of bed each morning take a shower brush my teeth
my mirror reflects an imperfect me
do you like the way i walk
up the street and down the block
or should i have found a car
i guess people like us
just think way way too much
will i ever grow out to fthis completely
i hope so
i hope so
Track Name: whatever
i spend so much time trying to make myself happy that when i am, if i ever can be ever truly happy i cant feel it
i can't memorize your soft and delicate hands if i've never felt themmm how can i be your favorite boy if you don't know how my eyes look in the sunlight or in the dark when its raining do you ever feel like could be
more than words in a notebook or a stupid fucking facebook post you deleted
maybe i just need to calm down and start planning my own life out but im stuck in my own head now and nobody ever really wants me out.